The vast majority of these stories are suitable for adults and children over eight years of age.

Norse: The Creation; The War in Heaven & The Building of Asgarth's Wall; The Mead of Inspiration; The Necklace Brisingamen; The Wolf Fenrir; Sif's Hair; The Lay of Thrym; The Abduction of Ithunn; Thor's Journey to Utgarth; The Lay of Hymir; Thor's Duel with Hrungnir; Thor's Journey to Geirrosthsgarth; Skirnir's Journey; The Death of Balder; Loki's Flyting; The Ragnarok; Svipdagsmal; The Never Ending Battle; The Story of Hethinn and Hogni; The Ptarmigan; Egill Skallagrimsson's Feud with Erik Bloodaxe and Queen Gunnhild (in four parts); The Waking of Angantyr; The Legend of Gest of the Norns (a narrative poem in trochaic tetrameter); Helgi Hundingsbane (a narrative poem in iambic pentameter). .

Anglo-Saxon: Offa of Angeln; Beowulf (pt.1: Grendel, pt.2: Grendel's Mother, pt.3: The Dragon Fight); The Story of Wayland the Smith; Hereward the Wake; Hengist and Horsa; Edric the Wild (a narrative poem in the Anglo-Saxon alliterative line); Nechtansmere A.D.685.

Scandinavian Folktales: Silly Men and Cunning Wives; The Trolls of Hedale Woods; The Man Who Was To Mind The House; Farmer Weathersky; The Merman; The Elf Called Kidhouse.

Welsh: The Four Branches Of The Mabinogion: 1, Pwyll in Annwn, Pwyll Marries Rhiannon, The Birth of Pryderi, 2. The Story of Branwen, 3. The Story of Manawydan, 4. How Pigs Came To Gwynedd, Lleu's Three Destinies, Lleu & Blodeuwedd; The Battle Of The Trees; The Three Chieftains Brought Low By Misfortune; The Three Fair Womb-burdens; The Three Noble Retinues.

Scottish: Angus and Bride; The Seal Maiden; Fionn MacCumhail & The Old Man's House; The Wicked Priest of Forvie; Dunnichen Moss A.D.685.

Irish: The Mysterious Beggarman; How The Blackbird Came To Ireland.

Cornish: Tristan and Isolde; Madge Figgey The Wrecker; The Silver Table; The Lovers' Cove; The Amazing Adventures of John Sturtridge.

Tree Stories: The Elder Tree Witch; One Tree Hill; The Wonderful Wood; Auld Crowdie; The Battle Of The Trees.

Ghost And Horror Stories: The Deacon Of Myrka; The Berwick Werewolf; The Screaming Skulls of Calgarth Hall; Mr Fox; The Woman's Ring Finger; The Skeleton Woman; The Elder Tree Witch; Madge Figgey The Wrecker; The Silver Table; The Lovers' Cove; The Vampire of Croglin; The Wicked Priest of Forvie; The Bloody Bride of Featherstone Castle.