Stories For Adults

The magical power of sounds;
the drum that quickens
our hearts' beat,
the harp that soothes
and delights,
human speech that
moves to joy and sorrow;

Three streams join to
become a river
flowing with the
vitalising waters of
myth, legend and story,
into the fertile,
waiting landscape
of the human

"I've always been fascinated by
the stories of the peoples who
lived in this land long ago
and have become part of it.

Through Story, their ghosts
leave their grave mounds,
conjured to life
before our inner eye.

It's a wonderful experience to
hear our common heritage of
folk-tales, myths and legends
just as our ancestors
would have heard them."

David Brown has been telling stories since
1985 in theatres, art centres, schools and
libraries, in woods and fields, at camp sites and
festivals from Orkney to Land's End.

"A professional and pleasing
presentation, faultlessly produced.
Highest calibre of storytelling"
- Rowena Leder, Artistic Director,
Grassington Festival

"Hand and Word have stories to thrill and
They charmed and excited a packed
North East audience"
- Chris Bostock,
'A Bit Crack' Storytelling Club.

"Imagine an audience of adults
listening to stories, utterly spellbound
- that's Hand & Word Storytellers"
- Neil Redman, Editor
Parabola Magazine

"Brilliant! Simply the best we've
- Owen Hicks,
Castell Henllys Iron Age Fort